As seasoned development professionals, we know that fundraising is hard work. Our mission is to make fundraising more coordinated, supported, and effective so that social change organizations like you can grow revenue over time and maximize your impact.

We approach consulting as partners and teammates. We comprehensively assess your current development efforts, and we create a customized strategy for how to approach fundraising that is rooted in your current reality and responsive to your vision for the future.

With a new development plan in place, your Thread teammates help you bring the strategy to life by building the systems to support it, hiring the staff to lead it, and assisting in execution until processes are up and running.


We believe nonprofits like you are best served by a firm that can support your fundraising needs through one coordinated team. Working with Thread reduces the transaction costs of engaging multiple contractors and provides a coordinated and efficient solution to building up your development team. We encourage you to learn about our core values and how they underpin our consulting philosophy.


At Thread, we believe our best work happens when we form sincere relationships with our clients and do the work together as partners. Knowing each other’s story is a key first step to forming such relationships. Let us share Thread’s story so that we can start to get to know each other.