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The REAL secret to successful fundraising

Donors notice the details of good administration. Do you?

In our experience, when nonprofits fall down in their fundraising, it’s often a function of poor operations. In their eagerness to raise the dollars needed to make their budgets, they don’t take the time to properly set their systems and train their people.

Loree Lipstein

February 26, 2021

Expanding the Definition of Successful Fundraising: Elevating DEI

A conversation with Marisa Stubbs, Director of Development and Communications, Critical Exposure

We need to talk about a donor’s/funder’s connection to the community, the collective. The work that we do is not only made possible by donors; it’s made possible by a full-on community of staff, partners, other funders, volunteers, board members,

Loree Lipstein

January 14, 2021

What We’re Trying to Do Better: Thread’s New Actions for DEI in Fundraising

Three concrete actions Thread is taking to do better

Over the past year, Thread has seen one conversation finally begin to get the serious consideration it has long deserved but not gotten: diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in fundraising specifically.

Included in the job responsibilities of a fundraising consultant is the expectation to stay current on the conversations,

Loree Lipstein

January 13, 2021

A Cup of Gratitude

Thread 2020 Holiday Wishes

In a year like 2020, it’s been the determination and good humor of our Spool that has inspired us to do more and be better.

Join us as we pass around our gratitude for everyone who made 2020 memorable in all the good ways.

Loree Lipstein

January 12, 2021

A Thread Thanksgiving

A message of thanks from the Thread team to our Spool

At Thread, we are also thankful for sew much! With that very on-brand giggle now out of our system we offer this message of thanks.

On behalf of the entire Thread team, thank you for being an important member of our Spool.

Loree Lipstein

December 1, 2020

Who Do You Want To Be?

Fundraising Copywriting that Builds Donor Identity

When you sit down to write, rather than asking, “What will make people give to us?” you should ask, “What are people saying about themselves when they give to us?”

Thread: What was this certification course and why did you want to take it?

Loree Lipstein

October 7, 2020

4 Tactics for Refreshing Your Gen Ops Grants

Writing general operating support grants doesn’t need to be a repetitive struggle.

The rub about writing general operating support grants, especially to loyal, repeat funders year after year, is that they cover the essentials of your organization, and the essentials of your organization don’t typically change very much year to year.

So how do you write a general operating support proposal that sounds refreshed when the bulk of your content is stable and evergreen to your nonprofit’s mission and work?

Loree Lipstein

October 5, 2020

Cheers to Doing the Work

Thread Principal and Founder Loree Lipstein Reflects on Thread’s 5th Anniversary

The value of an anniversary is in creating a communal opportunity to pause and recall all the experiences and change that have happened since the last moment of reflection.


Way back in February,

Loree Lipstein

September 24, 2020

Analysis and Adaptation: Executing Strong Fundraising Campaigns

A conversation with Daryl Byler, Development Director, DC Bar Foundation

Do a debrief after each campaign to assess what is working well (and should continue as is) and what needs tweaking.

Thread: The DC Bar Foundation executes multiple unique fundraising campaigns annually. What balance do you try to strike between refreshing your campaigns while also not totally reinventing the wheel each year?

Loree Lipstein

July 20, 2020

Segmenting: Your Superpower of Choice this Year

Your EOY campaign absolutely needs segmentation to be successful in 2020

There is so much community need competing for attention this year that personalization needs to be your most important priority for the 2020 EOY giving season

A common joke to emerge from living in a pandemic is that no one knows what day it is anymore.

Loree Lipstein

July 17, 2020