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Threading It Together: Advanced Practices in EOY Fundraising (3-part series)

Wednesday, August 25 - Wednesday, September 1 Virtual/Zoom

While so much was unknown or uncertain heading into the 2020 end-of-year (EOY) giving, in 2021 the landscape is familiar now. We’re more practiced at working through uncertain conditions, and we should not feel as stunned ahead of the EOY giving season. In fact, with all we’ve learned during 2020 about resiliency, there’s no reason everyone can’t have a brilliant EOY giving season in 2021.

Thread Strategies is excited to help you plan for the 2021 EOY giving season with fresh eyes and new vigor. We are offering a three-part workshop for organizations ready to go above and beyond the basics of EOY campaign planning to create a campaign that goes from run-of-the-mill to truly memorable.

Each workshop will be held using Zoom meeting (rather than webinar), allowing for more natural interaction between presenters and participants and the opportunity for participants to workshop their EOY appeal plans throughout the series.

Session Details:

Wednesday 8/25/21, 2pm – Session #1: Setting Better Goals for EOY Fundraising: Everything else about your EOY campaign depends on your goal. In this session, we’ll go beyond SMARTIE and present a new framework for how to think about, research, and define an EOY goal that smartly and specifically connects with your community. We’ll also talk about how to turn this goal into a narrative for your campaign. Participants will leave with a worksheet that walks through the process so you can begin building your EOY goal right away.

Thursday 8/26/21, 2pm – Session #2: Advanced Best Practices for EOY Fundraising: We all know and love direct mail letters and email during EOY. But how can you do these staple activities better, and what other new things should you consider trying? In this session we’ll cover techniques for taking these core elements to the next level as well as share the Thread team’s list of favorite advanced practices for EOY fundraising – tailored to small nonprofits, of course!

Wednesday 9/1/21, 3pm – Session #3: Talk with us! Office Hours: We’ll be available for an hour of open advice in which you can talk in real-time with us about your questions and ideas for this year’s campaign. We encourage participants to bring their completed goal worksheets to review as well.

Due to the interactive nature of this workshop, space will be limited. Register today to secure your spot!