Nonprofit Technology Conference 2021

Tuesday, March 23 Virtual

There’s a First Time for Everything… Launching a Development Department

Even if it’s just the hire of one person, launching a development department is a major milestone for a nonprofit. Yet many organizations rush this crucial moment, hiring quickly and all too soon feeling the pain of poor planning. This often results in many false starts and much time wasted before fundraising finally becomes stable. But it can be easier.

In this panel, you’ll hear the experiences of two organizations that successfully built their fundraising team from the ground-up on the first try. From deciding what level to hire for, to figuring out CRM and other technology options, to managing the broad culture change that must happen, there’s an incredible amount of preparation and planning that is worth unpacking prior to posting a position for hire. You only get one first chance, and our goal is that in that first opportunity to build your team, your organization gets it right.