Threading It Together

In practice of our value of Connected Community, we strive to personally engage with and strengthen our community by sharing our work and knowledge through different teaching and training opportunities.  We hope to see you at one of the events below!

Thursday, March 10 - Friday, March 11: Threading it Together: The Ins and Outs of Writing Fundraising Appeals (2-Part Series)

Learning to write for individual giving takes intention and practice. Just in time to prepare you for your spring appeal, this 2-part, hands-on workshop will teach you how to take your fundraising storytelling skills to the next level by thinking like a true copywriter. You’ll leave the training with the insights and confidence needed to strategically edit your fundraising writing and formatting based on the channel and intent of your content.

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Wednesday, April 27 - Thursday, April 28: Threading It Together: How to Launch and Succeed at a Planned Giving Program (2-Part Series)

Planned giving is an enormous revenue opportunity for organizations of all sizes, and with some easy-to-do planning and basic strategizing, planned giving can be done simply, joyfully, and successfully. Join Thread Strategies Principal Taryn Deaton and Director Holly Richardson for this two-part learning event.

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Thursday, December 9: Threading It Together: Saying Thank You After EOY Fundraising

While December 31st may be the finale of the End-of-Year (EOY) giving season, our work as fundraisers does not stop that day. The all-important work of stewarding our donors continues well into January. In this 30min sprint webinar, Thread Founder & Principal Loree Lipstein will guide you through preparing a donor stewardship plan that sees you through January and beyond.

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Thursday, October 28: Threading It Together: Last Minute Must-Do’s for EOY fundraising

In a pinch to get your End-of-Year (EOY) fundraising plan together? Want some fresh ideas to ensure your campaign is on track to maximum impact and success? Whatever your situation, this 30min sprint training with Thread Director Holly Richardson will help you to prioritize your essential actions for EOY fundraising success.

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Wednesday, August 25 - Wednesday, September 1: Threading It Together: Advanced Practices in EOY Fundraising (3-part series)

While so much was unknown or uncertain heading into the 2020 end-of-year (EOY) giving, in 2021 the landscape is familiar now. We’re more practiced at working through uncertain conditions, and we should not feel as stunned ahead of the EOY giving season. In fact, with all we’ve learned during 2020 about resiliency, there’s no reason everyone can’t have a brilliant EOY giving season in 2021.

Thread Strategies is excited to help you plan for the 2021 EOY giving season with fresh eyes and new vigor. We are offering a three-part workshop for organizations ready to go above and beyond the basics of EOY campaign planning to create a campaign that goes from run-of-the-mill to truly memorable.

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Thursday, September 23: Threading It Together: Strategies to Hire Top Tier Development Professionals

Does hiring for a development position feel like a daunting task? You want to be intentional about diversity in your hiring practices, find that “unicorn” of a candidate, and do it all with limited time and experience with hiring specifically for fundraising. Whether you’re looking to add to your team now or budgeting for it soon, join us for this interactive discussion to help you find your unicorn!

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Thursday, June 24: Threading It Together: Fundamentals of Development Operations

Behind every successful fundraising team are several operational efficiencies that make for a smooth donor and/or volunteer experience on the front end as well as a streamlined process for the nonprofit staff on the back end. While development operations might not be the most exciting part of fundraising, there is an argument to be made that they are the most important.

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Thursday, May 20: Threading It Together: Starting and Growing a Monthly Giving Program

Monthly donors have a greater lifetime value than one-tie donors. Join us on this webinar to learn steps for building a monthly giving program and to see examples of some of our favorite programs.

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Thursday, April 22: Threading It Together: Review of the 2020 Spool to Sphere Comparison

Join Thread Director Holly Richardson for this 30-minute “sprint” sessions where we will review the 2020 Spool to Sphere Comparison (Thread’s annual report of some of the most significant trends and best practices for EOY solicitations) and the lessons small nonprofits should take to heart to increase their EOY success.

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Tuesday, March 23: Nonprofit Technology Conference 2021

There’s a First Time for Everything… Launching a Development Department

Even if it’s just the hire of one person, launching a development department is a major milestone for a nonprofit. Yet many organizations rush this crucial moment, hiring quickly and all too soon feeling the pain of poor planning.

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