Who We Are

The Thread team consists of experts in various fields of fundraising who have worked in development departments both large and small. We’ve raised revenue in well-resourced environments where everything executes according to industry best practices, as well as shops that had to be scrappy and inventive to secure every dollar. We love our work because it affords us the opportunity to share our knowledge and know-how with organizations that are directly making our communities stronger and more equitable places to live.


Founder & Principal|Washington, DC

Loree Lipstein is a passionate and innovative leader with more than a decade of experience in the nonprofit field who brings limitless energy and fierce dedication to all her partnerships. Loree’s vision for Thread Strategies grew from her experience observing many nonprofits with innovative ideas struggle to maximize their impact because of funding obstacles. By forming a team of fundraising experts in all areas of practice, Loree seeks to break down funding barriers facing small nonprofits so they may maximize impact. Thread’s partners benefit from Loree’s creative and organized mind, which she uses to guide organizations to new levels of success.
Loree’s ideal day starts with a run with her long-time running group and is followed by a visit to the farmers market and a swing through Jubilee for some ice cream, a lazy afternoon with a book in the sunshine and ends with hitting a dance floor with friends to cap off the night!



Principal|Washington, DC

Tracy is a dedicated development professional striving to connect idealists with the resources they need. Tracy has helped a variety of organizations meet the needs of their communities by providing direction and guidance in fundraising planning and execution at local, regional and national levels. It is Tracy’s firm belief that connecting powerful programs with the right resources creates positive change in the world, and it is her goal to help Thread’s partners be at those intersections. In addition, our partners benefit most from Tracy’s enthusiasm as she strives to help people work together, share their stories and strengthen connections in order to raise the resources needed to solve real-life problems.
Tracy’s ideal day includes waking up without an alarm, taking a long walk while listening to one of her favorite podcasts or favorite country artist, Eric Church, watching a matinee movie with her sweet husband, Todd, and enjoying dinner at her favorite restaurant, Coastal Flats (the calamari is a MUST!).



Principal|Washington, DC

Taryn Deaton is an experienced development and communications professional who is passionate about helping organizations convert their mission from an idea into ongoing action. With more than 20 years of development and leadership experience across the non-profit and higher-education sectors, Taryn is skilled at supporting organizations as they articulate a vision and then build out a plan for its accomplishment. Taryn is a seasoned veteran when it comes to building the systems and processes necessary to ensure that a non-profit’s operations are equipped to advance the organization’s strategic goals. Her leadership style is anchored in collaboration, as she is also a consummate relationship and partnership builder.
Taryn’s ideal day includes traveling someplace new with her husband, exploring off-the-beaten path spots with no destination in mind, driving back roads listening to music, enjoying delicious meals (especially dessert), and watching the Cubs play during baseball season.



Director|Washington, DC

Stela’s passion for improving the world in a more tangible way led to her “retirement” from civil engineering in 2003 and the beginning of her career in the nonprofit world. Since that time, she’s had the pleasure of working with a variety of organizations ranging from health and wellness to professional organizations to higher education. She draws on her experience with volunteers, donors, and staff at all levels as well as her “engineering brain” to formulate creative and efficient solutions that maximize the skills, talents and dynamics of Thread’s partners. She loves problem-solving and connecting social enterprise organizations with the resources and tools to help them grow and thrive.
Stela’s ideal day includes eating salt and vinegar chips on a beach with her husband Brandon and dog Eli while listening to 80’s and 90’s pop music (with a little Pitbull mixed in), followed by an all-you-can-eat sushi dinner.



Director|Denver, CO

Holly loves the written word and enjoys applying her academic background in literature and sociolinguistics to writing for development. Beyond supporting partners to enhance their grant applications and reports, regular donor communications, and stewardship pieces, Holly is an adept time and task manager who can model for partners what a high-functioning development-to-leadership relationship should ideally look and feel like.
Holly’s ideal day includes a good workout followed by an even better breakfast, spectating dogs at the dog park, and throwing rocks in a mountain stream with her husband and two sons.



Senior Consultant|San Francisco, CA

Anna Morozovsky has 15 years of experience working in fast-paced development environments. From political campaigns to disaster relief fundraising, she has built fundraising operations from the ground up, creating systems and strong donor relationships along the way. She has a strong talent for tackling problems and doing the hard (and sometimes tedious) work to get things done, and get them done right.
Anna’s ideal day would be spent outside – on the beach, or on a ski mountain – with her husband Ben and 3 kids – Nate (6), Beau (6) and Addie (2). Her ideal day could also be some time alone with a hot cup of coffee and a good book.



Senior Consultant|Washington, DC

Abigail Rybnicek has worked to support, lead, and grow non-profits for nearly fifteen years. Over the course of her career, Abigail has collaborated with small nonprofits and major foundations to help them refine their knowledge, initiatives, and overall focus to better deliver on their mission. With an ability to see the big picture and affinity for details and to-do lists, Abigail brings a unique and valuable perspective to an organization’s challenges and opportunities.
Abigail’s ideal day would start with a morning exploring and picnicking in the National Arboretum with her husband and two kids. Both kids would then take great naps, allowing her a chance to catch up on this month’s book club read, plan her next international adventure, and prep food for family pizza night.


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