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“Gerbil Clippings:” My Favorite Fundraising and Nonprofit Reading

Looking to round out your reading on philanthropy and nonprofits? Thread's own Holly Richardson shares her list of must-read and must-share resourcesRead more

Take a Victory Lap, Not a Sprint

How EarthEcho International increased individual giving by more than 100%

When Thread began working with EarthEcho, its primary funding source was corporate partnerships, followed by foundations. EarthEcho sought to continue growing these important relationships while also building a more robust individual giving program that would take advantage of the immense support individuals offer every year to nonprofits in America [as demonstrated by GivingUSA’s annual analysis]. […]

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Falling Into a Great Fit

A conversation with William Ross, Development Manager at Reach, Incorporated

“In my opinion, having people there who have your back while you grow as a professional is priceless.“ Thread: Why did you choose development/fundraising as your profession? William: I’m not sure I would say that I “chose” development, but more that I stumbled into the role of fundraising.  While working as the manager of operations […]

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3 Tips for Nonprofit Startups Looking for Funding

This post originally appeared on the CASE at Duke Blog on June 9

A March 8, 2014 New York Times article highlighted the rapid growth of the nonprofit sector, citing an Urban League study that determined that during the 10-year period between 2001 – 2011, the number of nonprofits in the US grew 25%, far out-pacing the growth of for-profit organizations, which grew at just 0.5%. While overall […]

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Tying Everything Together

The story behind the thread brand identity

A trademark (a.k.a. “logo”) is the symbol by which an organization represents itself. While the foundation of successful brand identity often starts with a simple graphic element, it derives meaning from the principles that inspire it, becoming more than the sum of its parts. Consider the Nike “swoosh.” For some, it could represent the winged […]

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